About us


With distribution center in Virginia USA and operation of boarding in Guayaquil-EcuadorEcuahats is a company dedicated to the distribution of Ecuadorian crafts. As first step we have focused our efforts on sales to the retail and largest of our hats “Paja Toquilla” Montecristi Panama Hat, to then continue with a range of products made by our Ecuadorian artisans.

Our products have a 100% control of quality, presentation and distribution, the turnaround time for our “Paja Toquilla” Montecristi Panama Hat is our priority, we can ship our products anywhere in the world.

We design your ideas and present them within our “Paja Toquilla" Montecristi Panama Hat, special corporate companies who want to add your logo or design as a gift to its customers. We are committed to our clients, in giving a quality service and our goal, bring our Ecuadorian crafts to the world.


Want to distribute our products? We can ship direct to any country of the world, write to us info@ecuahats.com