Wool Felt Handmade Hat - Unisex


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Cover Bag Montecristi

Montecristi Hat Cover, made of fabric with measures 18x15in & 21x19in, has a circle in the center so that the hat stays comfortable and handles to hang it, they come in Beige and Cream colors with the Ecuahats Logo.

Price $13.50

Porkpie Wool Felt Hat

Circular Model with brim aproximate 1.5" in 4.0 cm.

A frequent wearer of pork pie hats is Panamanian Salsa singer and composer Ruben Blades. Today the wearing of a pork pie hat retains some of its 1930s and 40s associations.

Price $62.00

Australian Wool Hat

Australian Double Wing Type Model, known for being used by Harrison Ford in the "Indiana Jones" movie saga - Unisex

Price $62.00