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Beautiful crafts from all regions (mountains, coast, east) of Ecuador - Chocolate Bars, Tea, Coffee

Craft & More

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Chamomile with Honey TEA -...

Brand: Hornimans - Flavor: Chamomile - Item Form: 25 Tea Bags (1.15g -1.28g e/u complete)

Hornimans Chamomile Tea With Honey

Imported from Ecuador

1 Box - 25 Individual Tea Bags per Box

100% Natural

Price $8.65

NUNA Kafeedicto 455G

Start your day with positive energy, NuNa Kafee presents us with its Kafeedicto Coffee.

Coffee of Amazonian Origin - Ground & Roasted - Organic Robusta 100% Ecuadorian

Ziploc type opening for conservation in the packaging, it is recommended that once opened it be placed in an airtight container at room temperature (glass container preferably)

Price $12.99


Fine Aroma Cocoa “Arriba”. Unique in Ecuador, it is also known as Criollo or Nacional and its characteristic color is yellow. It has a unique aroma and flavor, being essential for the production of gourmet chocolate.

This variety "Cacao Nacional Arriba" has its genetic lineage from 5,300 years ago


Consuming cocoa on a regular basis has an impact on health and also serves as a preventive measure for cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic diseases.

Price $8.00

MAGNETIC Holder CLIP for...

Are you worried about the hat you have nowhere to put when going out? These Hat Clips can help you out, they are good to fix the hats, accessories light on your luggage and suitcase.

The travel hat clip is made of leather, magnet, and alloy material, which is durable and not easy to break. It has a long service life.

Price $12.99

Paja Toquilla BASKET BAG

Paja Toquilla Medium Basket Bag, 100% handmade made in Ecuador. Color: Beige with Black Ornaments, Size:  11x13x4 / 28x33x10  in/cm (Does not include handles), Weight: 1.3 Lbs

"With the purchase of an Ecuador Original Panama Hat, you are helping the Commune of Ecuadorian Artisans". Thank you for your help.

Price $86.00

ECUADOR Embroidered Cap

Beautiful High Quality Embroidered Cap with the Flag and Shield of ECUADOR, the embroidery reflects the colors Yellow, Blue and Red, adjustable manual head measurement band, Size Small - XLarge.

Price $19.99

Cover Bag Montecristi

Montecristi Hat Cover, made of fabric with measures 18x15in & 21x19in, has a circle in the center so that the hat stays comfortable and handles to hang it, they come in Beige and Cream colors with the Ecuahats Logo.

Price $13.50